3 Types of Damage Roof Repair Can Fix in Snohomish

roof repair snohomishKeeping your roof in good condition is one of your top priorities as a homeowner; it takes a lot of abuse from the weather and other elements throughout the years. Knowing some types of damage that roof repair can fix can help you stay on top of your roof’s maintenance. 


Leaks are the most common type of damage your roof can sustain. Over time, the materials may weaken or shingles may come loose due to wind or rain. Look for yellow or brown stains on the ceiling or walls, especially after rain. These stains indicate that water is seeping through the roof and into your home.

Wind Damage

The wind can be a major source of damage for your home and its roof. High winds can cause deterioration and blunt force damage that can be devastating to the structure of the roof and the rest of your home. Look for missing, cracked, or lifted shingles. Pay special attention to the ridge cap, as this is a common area for wind damage.

Wood Rot

Over time, the wood on your roof can rot away. Inspect the roof for visible signs of damage such as cracked or warped wood, or wood that appears to be disintegrating. This is a clear indication of rotting.

Need Roof Repair in Snohomish? 

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