The Benefits of a Second-Story Deck in Bellevue

second-story deck bellevueA deck for the patio is always a welcome option. However, have you considered a deck for your second floor in Bellevue? Aside from a more charming home, the benefits of a second-story deck are many. This is a major renovation that will immediately pay itself off.

Why a Second-Story Deck Is Beneficial

The most obvious benefit of a second-story deck is the additional living space. You acquire more in-home roaming space without taking up extra space in the floor below. This would be an exceptional setting for a social gathering.

Also, should you ever sell the home, a second-story deck is one amazing selling point. Assuming the deck meets building codes, the structure should also raise the property’s value.

Ideas About Decorating

With a deck on an upper floor, you also have more expansive decorating options. This goes for both the deck and the space directly below.

For the deck, we recommend a pergola or rails that match the exterior color and texture of the walls. This helps the deck blend with the structure as a single unit.

For the space below, don’t just let it be bare, with nothing but a patch of grass or concrete. The spot can be equally inviting and usable by adding a distinct set of patio furniture. Consider a set of wicker or ottoman chairs and a small tea table wedged between raised garden beds.

We Install Ground Floor and Second-Story Decks in Bellevue

Contact us at Allied Construction to learn about your decking options. See our gallery for inspiration. An upper deck, along with a fence to go with it, would be an exquisite exterior renovation. The benefits of a second-story deck make this an idea worthy of contemplation.

Conventional and Second-Story Deck Installations in Bellevue

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