Have You Considered a Curved Deck Design for Your Home in Kirkland?

curved deck kirklandAre you thinking about adding a deck this spring to your home in Kirkland? While conventional decks come in boxy shapes with pronounced corners, a curved deck design is also available, and might be more appealing to some Snohomish residents.

Increased Ease of Design

Curved decks used to be rare, with the cost of installation more expensive than standard decks. Now, thanks to the use of PVC and composite panels, manufacturers can bend and shape panels more efficiently than they could traditional pressure-treated wood. PVC and composite panels, when they’re heated, become soft and bendable, which creates all sorts of possibilities.

Why Select a Curved Deck?

With curved decks, you have plenty of opportunities to explore different design schemes. For one, they nicely complement other rounded features, such as the grill, potted plants, the ottoman and the outdoor stone fireplace. Designers like to emphasize shapes again and again to create flow in a space. It’s also a great way to optimize space that would otherwise go unused in tight corners. 

In addition, a curved deck also provides a nice contrast to other elements of your property. Other components, from the fence to the home itself, are typically rectangular in shape. A curved deck helps break that uniformity.

We Install Curved Decks in Kirkland

It all begins with a plan. With spring in full bloom and summer fast on its trail, spending more time outside is a great way to boost your immune system. Contact our team at  Allied Construction for a new deck installation. Visit our gallery to see some of our masterpiece decks. A curved deck will add a wonderful new aesthetic to your property’s exterior.

Designing Curved Deck Installations for Kirkland Homes

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