Winter Roofing Problems to Watch Out For in Bellevue

winter roofing problems bellevueThe Seattle area isn’t the coldest region in the U.S., but wind, rain, snow and sleet are all regular aspects of our weather. We’ll identify common winter roofing problems in Bellevue and their causes.

Two Major Causes of Winter Roofing Problems: Wind and Trees

When powerful winds tear at your roof, older shingles can rip away. Loose asphalt shingles can partially or completely peel away. These same winds can push branches onto your roof, damaging the upper protective layer. Older roofs are more susceptible to wind damage, but new roofs are also at risk because they havn’t fully settled. There’s no way of knowing whether your roof will be affected by wind damage, which is why it’s best to inspect your roof after high winds and storms.

Condensation and Flashing Leaks

Condensation forms when air comes in contact with a cold icy surface. If the attic below your roof isn’t sufficiently insulated, the area can become a breeding ground for mold. Adequate roofing ventilation is also important, especially during winter.

Sloped roofs are prone to leaks around the flashing. Winds can loosen the flashing and cause water entry. Contrary to popular belief, flashing repair requires more than just caulking the area with sealant.

We’ll Inspect Your Roof in Bellevue

Has your neighbood recently endured strong winds or heavy rain? If you only inspect the roof once a year, this is the time of year to do it. Contact Allied Construction for a roof checkup. You may also want to consider a deck or fence if renovating for the start of 2021. Correcting winter roofing problems, though, should take precedence. Contact us today for all your construction needs.

We Provide Solutions to Winter Roofing Problems in Bellevue

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