Suggestions for Fall Fence Decorations in Sammamish

adding fall fence decorations sammamishWhen the leaves turn red, orange and yellow, the season of beloved year-end holidays isn’t far behind. This is the perfect time of year for fall fence decorations. Décor elements can pertain to fall without specific attention to Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas. This way, the decorations can remain at least until well after the new year.

Use Bird Boxes and Plants as Fall Fence Decorations

Birdhouses aren’t just for your feathered neighbors. They also give the surroundings a nice visual pop. You can make your own using fall foliage colors, or construct one from a ready-made kit. Since birdhouses are made from wood, they match perfectly with the traditional picket fence. You may also elect to hang birdhouses from a roof overhang.

Hang baskets on the fence posts and fill them with fall plants and flowers. Some varieties common in the Pacific Northwest during this time of year include:

  • Japanese bloodgrass
  • Japanese Maple
  • Helenium
  • Burning Bush
  • Blue Flax Lily

These plants and flowers also make great decoration pieces for decks and patios.

Fall Fruit and Picture Frames Make Great Additions

Pumpkins aren’t solely a Halloween mainstay. Create your own pumpkin patch by lining the fence interior with pumpkins, gourds, and other fall crops of varying sizes. If you have a little more space, place a wooden wheelbarrow against the fence and fill it with fall fruit.

Hanging photo frames outside is a new decorating trend. Hang frames in the interior portion of the fence and include any images of your choosing. We prefer a wooden frame, which you can enhance with your children’s fall artwork (i.e. hand-traced turkey drawing).

Inspect Your Fence Before Adding Fall Fence Decorations in Sammamish

We recommend a fence inspection before adding decorations. A checkup from Allied Construction ensures the panels are ready to withstand the elements of fall and the impending winter. Fall fence decorations are one way to get in the holiday mood and to foster family traditions. Contact us today for more information about fencing, decks, and all kinds of outdoor construction.

Advice About Adding Fall Fence Decorations in Sammamish

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