Avoid Damage Caused by Poor Roof Ventilation

poor roof ventilation WoodinvilleAn improperly ventilated roof can cause homeowners a lot of trouble. Aside from premature wear and damage, poor roof ventilation can cause more heat to seep into the home during summer months. This, in turn, forces your AC system to work harder, leading to higher energy costs. Having a roofing service ventilate your roof will keep it in tip-top shape and it will last longer.

The Consequences of Poor Roof Ventilation

Simply put, poor ventilation accelerates your roof’s need for replacement. It leaves shingles and slates vulnerable to mold and mildew. Snohomish and surrounding cities have high humidity, which puts homes and facilities with improperly ventilated roofs at risk. Trapped moisture can also cause the slates to crack.

Prevent the Formation of Ice Dams

Too much moisture and air also leads to the formation of ice dams in the winter months. Ice dams create melted water that drips into the insulation and exterior walls, where it can ruin the paint and sheet rock. The ice can also pull apart shingles and gutters. Worst-case scenario, the weight of the ice can cause a roof collapse.

Improving the Ventilation

Ventilation comes in several forms. This includes static, ridge, gable, and soffit vents just to list a few. Most roofers recommend one foot of exhaust and intake ventilation for every 300 square feet of roof. Ultimately, your roofer will make a personal recommendation based on the current condition of your home. For an inspection, additional roofing tips, or other home renovation services like deck rebuilding, contact Allied Construction. Roof vents are just as vital as the shingles, slates, and beams, and we’ll fit your home with the proper ventilation system to ensure proper air flow.

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