What Should You Do with the Space Under the Deck?

space under the deckMost decks are not built directly over the soil or a concrete floor. Most are constructed slightly off the ground or even on the second floor of the home. This gives you a distinct space beneath. What should you do with the space under the deck?

High Deck Use

If your deck is located on the second floor, then you have a tremendous space that should not go to waste. The most logical use is a patio. You can accommodate an entire patio furniture set, and the deck acts as a makeshift awning. Other additions might include lighting, a swinging bench, and wicker furniture. Some owners even install a small playground set or home gym.

Low Deck Use

In most cases, the deck is on the ground floor and no more than one-foot off the ground. Options in this instance are limited, though the space can still be put to good use. Many homeowners use a low deck as storage for items that don’t require climate control. The benefit here is twofold. First, it frees up space in the garage or basement. Second, the presence of the items filling up the space dissuades the growth of weeds. You can create a more solid base below the deck by covering the soil with gravel.

If the presence of stored items creates an eyesore, you can cover the area by lining the perimeter with potted plants. Alternatively, you can cover the opening with a trellis, which also provides a surface for decorative foliage coverings like vines.

Make Use of the Space Under the Deck

We can construct a new deck with ample space beneath for use as you see fit. Deck installation can be an addition to roofing and fencing construction. Call Allied Construction to get started; the space under the deck provides a good deal of functional room.

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