Winterizing Your Roof: Prep it for the Upcoming Cold Spell

winterizing roofThe Pacific Northwest isn’t the coldest region by a long shot, though it can get quite frosty. Your roof will feel the effects as much as you do. This is why we suggest winterizing your roof. Here are some tips to help you offset the impact.

Visual Inspection

A visual inspection from ground level is insufficient. You actually need to be on the roof to spot any signs of damage. Due to the inherent risks of climbing a ladder to reach the roof, we suggest leaving the pre-winterizing inspection to a professional roofer. However, you may certainly do this on your own if you are comfortable with these types of DIY tasks.

Signs of damage to look for include loose or torn shingles and rot. While seemingly minor, the arrival of snowfall can exacerbate the existing damage.

Inspect the Gutters

Late fall is definitely the time to clean the gutters of autumn leaves and other debris. If the gutters are clogged in winter, snow will not be able to melt into the gutters and exit the downspout. Instead, the snow will turn into a pool of water that rests on the roof.

Check for Branches

Do you have a tree with branches that extend over the roof? This might be a good time to consider pruning the branches. When branches accumulate snow, the excess weight can cause it to collapse onto the roof and cause damage.

Check for Pests

Some pests migrate indoors to take shelter from the cold. The roof is a common entry point if there is an opening from a torn shingle or flashing. Common pests in winter include mice, German cockroaches, and recluse spiders.

We Assist Homeowners with Roof Winterization

Winter is not far off; now is the time to give the roof attention before the winter chills completely set in. Contact Allied Construction for a thorough roof evaluation. Aside from winterizing your roof, we can perform similar services for your fence and deck.

Winter Roof Fortification

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