A Primer on Residential Fence Height

fence height, residential fenceDifferent fences serve different purposes. This is why fence panels come in varying heights. Keep in mind, though, that even if you prefer a taller fence, panels cannot exceed a certain height. Most cities actually enforce a residential limit on fence height.

Residential Fence Height Regulations

Fence height varies greatly. The typical white-picket fence, for instance, is usually no more than three-feet. Full privacy fences, on the other hand, are upwards of five to six feet.

Why don’t you see fences 10 feet high or ones that are level with the home’s roof? Most municipalities have regulations that limit fence height. In most jurisdictions, fences for a front yard cannot exceed four feet, while backyard fences cannot exceed six feet. Fences have to be shorter if they’re in the front of the home because tall panels can create blind spots for motorists.

If your home is part of a homeowner’s association (HOA), the association may have its own set of rules. If the association says front yard fences cannot exceed three feet, then that’s the maximum allowed, even if the city regulation says otherwise.

Applying for an Exemption

You may be able to apply for a fence exemption permit, also known as a variance, if you want a higher fence. You need a valid reason, though. Simply wanting a higher fence because you think it looks cool isn’t a valid reason.

What constitutes a valid reason? Increasing privacy because your home is located next to a commercial facility is an example. Another example is that you live in area with a large deer population and you want to prevent deer from intruding on your property.

We Install Various Fence Styles

Remodeling your home? Adding a fence or deck is an excellent property investment. Let Allied Construction install these outdoor additions. We are familiar with most fence height regulations around the Snohomish area and always stay within guidelines.

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