How to Choose the Best Saltwater Pool Deck Material

saltwater pool deck material, saltwater pool deckMore homeowners are investing in a saltwater pool on their property. Installing the pool right on their deck is a trendy home design. You need the right saltwater pool deck material so that the surface holds up even after years of water and salt exposure.

Why a Saltwater Pool?

Unlike a traditional pool, a saltwater pool does not contain chlorine. The chemical tends to leave the skin dry and itchy after a swim. It can even have more long-term health effects. One study found that children who regularly swam in chlorinated water were at an elevated risk of lung inflammation. For adults, chlorinated water has been linked to bladder and rectal cancer.

Saltwater Damage to Decks

Deck panels installed around the perimeter of any pool require highly moisture-resistant properties. Untreated wood is porous, and too much water absorption can accelerate deterioration.

The issue is even more pressing when dealing with saltwater pools. The water that gets into the wood eventually dries, leaving salt granules inside the wood. This gradually warps the wood, giving the surface a fuzzy appearance known as salt-kill.

Good Saltwater Pool Deck Material Choices

Wood decking, while aesthetically beautiful, is not the ideal choice due to its porous nature. However, wood is still a feasible option provided the panels are properly stained and sealed.

Composite decking is a good choice because the surface has an outer protective covering. Our deck panels come courtesy of suppliers Trex® or TimberTech®, both reputable manufacturers. The material of these panels is resistant to water penetration and ideal for a saltwater pool deck.

We Provide the Best Deck Material for Saltwater Pools

The decks we install are made to withstand moisture, salt, and other external elements. We provide equally sturdy materials for fence panels and roof shingles. Call Allied Construction for a new deck installation. The deck material for saltwater pools needs to be of the highest quality and durability.

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