Three Metal Roofing Misconceptions Debunked

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Shingles aren’t your only roofing option. Metal roofing is growing in popularity among residences due to its durability. There are a lot of half-truths about this type of roofing that are simply not grounded in reality. Let’s consider some of the most prevalent metal roofing misconceptions

Misconception #1: Metal Roofing Isn’t Right for Contemporary Homes

When it comes to metal roofs, one often thinks of corrugated tin roofing panels associated with weathered-down barns and sheds. In reality, though, metal roofing nowadays comes in various styles and complements modern residences quite nicely. It also fits in with many architectural design schemes, such as stone and vinyl siding.

Misconception #2: Metal Roofing Absorbs Heat

Metal absorbs heat; that’s common knowledge. Therefore, homeowners believe metal roofs absorb heat, which would make hot summers seem even hotter. This is actually not true with respect to modern metal roofing. Thanks to new innovations, metal panels now have high reflectivity and emissivity. This makes them less of a heat absorber than most types of shingles.

Misconception #3: My House Can’t Support a Metal Roof

It’s true that weight considerations are a significant factor during a roof installation. This is especially the case with respect to residential roofing. However, contrary to popular belief, most metal roofing panels are actually lighter per square-foot than most shingles.

The weight isn’t a major cause for concern whether you select metal or shingles. Some installers, however, install new shingles over existing ones without removing the old ones. This doubles the weight of the roof; this is when the roof’s weight becomes a pressing concern.

Don’t Fall for Metal Roofing Misconceptions

We install/replace residential metal roofing. Give Allied Construction a call for roofing work or for services for your fence or deck. By dispelling these metal roofing misconceptions, we hope more homeowners will begin to consider this option for their next roofing upgrade.

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