Summer Deck Maintenance: Maintain Your Outdoor Flooring

deck maintenance

Summer is the season of outdoor barbecues and social gatherings. Naturally, this means the deck is going to be used more often, leading to more grime buildup. Deck maintenance is especially important during the hottest time of year; so here are some basic practices that will help you preserve your deck.

1. Clean the Deck

Begin by thoroughly sweeping the entire surface. We suggest following up with a pressure washer to remove deeply embedded dirt and grime. More importantly, pressure washing will remove mold, which is more likely to spread with heat and humidity. Mold can easily grow on unsealed wooden decking. Under the right conditions, it can even grow on composite and laminate surfaces.

2. Stain and Seal the Surface

If you have an older deck, it may be time to stain and seal it. Sealing protects the surface from UV rays and moisture. Begin by staining; you can choose between solid and semi-transparent finishes. The latter is recommended for deck floors in general, though sold finishes really highlight deck banisters and railings.

3. Fix Loose Nails

Loose nails that you can stub your toe on are a safety hazard. If you step directly over it, it can also penetrate soft-soled shoes. Pry out any loose nails with a hammer. Some homeowners hammer the nail back in, but this is just a temporary fix. The nail will just come loose again because the hole has become larger. If you have multiple loose nails, then consider a deck inspection; several deck panels may need to be replaced.

We Perform Summer Deck Maintenance

This is the ideal time of year for an inspection of your outdoor components, such as the deck, fence, and roof. Call Allied Construction for a survey of these areas. Summer deck maintenance ensures that the surface remains presentable and in good condition. 

Deck Construction and Maintenance

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