Attic Ventilation Myths: Distinguishing Fact from Fiction

attic ventilation

Attic ventilation is absolutely critical for roof health, yet it is also one of the most overlooked aspects. Many homeowners have false ideas about how ventilation works. Here’s some important information about common attic ventilation myths that are based on half-truths. 

Myth #1: Roof Vents Equal Ventilation

Just because the roof has an existing vent does not mean your attic has proper ventilation. Ridge vents, for example, provide very little ventilation if the roof lacks baffles. Likewise, gable vents only circulate air in a set area in the attic. Your home’s structure will determine the best ventilation system.

Myth #2: Vents Are Unnecessary in Cold Climates 

Another misconception is that vents are less important in cold climate areas. Ventilation improves energy efficiency and reduces moisture year-round. While not in the warmest or coldest North American region, Snohomish homes still require adequate ventilation. 

Myth #3: More Ventilation the Better

Too much of a good thing can be counterproductive. More vents mean more potential penetrations where leakage can occur. It also means more seams, which can tear apart and expose openings during windy weather. An inspection will determine the amount of ventilation needed based on factors such as attic size and roof slope.

Myth #4: Attic Vents Release Warm Air

One myth is that vents let warm air escape, thus forcing the heater to work harder during the colder months. Heat escapes due to poor insulation and not because of vents. The vents, though, unfairly get the blame. Poor insulation also allows moisture to seep into the attic, leading to wood rot.

Don’t Fall for Attic Ventilation Myths

To ensure roof longevity, call Allied Construction for a roof upgrade. Summer is also the time of year for a checkup of the fence and deck. Attic ventilation myths are based largely on inaccurate information; arrange for an inspection to determine your roof’s health.

Roof Vent Installation and Replacement

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