Four Subtle Signs of Roof Damage

rooftop damage

Some signs of roof damage are obvious, such as a ceiling leak and torn shingles. However, some signs are far less obvious and almost always overlooked by homeowners. Here’s how to recognize the more subtle signs of roof damage.

1. Animals Roaming the Roof

Do you see wildlife constantly roaming your roof? This may include raccoons, bats, or any other animal native to the Snohomish area. Animals tend to look for shelter in an opening that’s away from view. If you consistently see or hear animals on the roof, then it may have an hidden opening.

2. Whistling Sounds

Do you hear a whistling-like noise in the home? This may be due to air entering through small openings in the roof. Roof damage is the most likely cause if all other areas of the home are fully sealed. A roof inspection can determine whether the whistling sound is a subtle sign of roof damage.

3. Black Spots

Many homeowners see black spots appear over the shingles. Yet they take no action, believing the spots to be grime and merely a cosmetic issue. However, black splotches may be mold and are a sign that water is pooling on the surface. Over time, this can lead to bigger openings and leakage.

4. Nails Around the Home

You may see some nails here and there around the edge of the house. If you see nails of the same kind on multiple occasions, then they may be coming from the roof. Displaced nails also mean that the shingles may be coming loose and peeling away at the corners.

We Detect Subtle Signs of Roof Damage

Aside from the roof, other areas like the deck and fence may also exhibit less-than-obvious signs of wear. Nevertheless, they all require the homeowner’s attention. Contact Allied Construction if you suspect subtle signs of roof damage.

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