Why Is My Deck Falling Apart?

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A deck is a mainstay in any home with a substantial outdoor area. However, as with any other component of the home, age and lack of care might cause you to notice that your deck is falling apart. Learn to recognize the signs that the deck is in dire need of repair.


A competent deck builder takes airflow into consideration during construction. Inadequate airflow below the deck causes moisture to accumulate. This leads to rotting panels. If the floorboards are rotting, we may use boards to skirt the space between the deck and ground to allow air movement. The use of pressure-treated lumber also minimizes chances of rot. 


Most decks have railings that add to the curb appeal. However, less experienced installers may use more nails than necessary to secure the railing to the deck. This can split the rails, leading to openings that allow moisture to collect.

Rotted Rim Joist

The rim joists support the deck. This part is usually out of sight because it’s buried below ground. This support is supposed to be at least one-meter below ground. If it’s only a few inches below, it may be prone to sinking. You may notice this as the deck feels uneven, sloped, or depressed in the center.

Ledger Board 

The ledger board is the piece of wood that attaches the deck to the home. Proper installation requires that it slightly overhang the juncture. Lack of an overhang leaves the ledger prone to moisture collection. The flashing behind the ledger should also be in good condition to prevent water penetration. Inexperienced installers may not install flashing at all.

We Keep Your Deck from Falling Apart 

All home components like the roof and fence will also degrade with age and the passage of time. Contact Allied Construction for regular inspections to prevent further damage. Decks fall apart completely when homeowners neglect professional maintenance. 

Residential Deck Maintenance and Upgrade

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