How a Fence Affects Property Value?

Fence Construction/InstallationNo doubt, a fence can influence property value. In most instances, it increases the home’s resale value, though in some instances it may also hurt sale viability. Find out how fencing affects property value and sales prospects.


The proverbial white-picket fence is always a welcome favorite. It’s what often comes to mind when buyers envision the ideal image of ‘home sweet home.’ Treated cedar posts are also a good option, as is vinyl, which mimics the appearance of wood.

A chain-link fence can go either way. Some people find this fencing material to be undesirable due to its industrial feel. However, this may be a plus for certain buyers, such as those who own large-breed dogs.


Does the fence encompass the front or back of the home? Most buyers find a fenced-in backyard to be desirable. A fenced-in front yard, though, may or may not be as attractive, depending on the surroundings. If you have a chain-linked fence in the front, for example, this may give buyers the impression that the neighborhood is unsafe. On the other hand, a full-privacy vinyl fence that blocks an unsightly adjacent parking lot may be much appreciated. Assess the surroundings to determine whether a fence is an advantage or a detriment.

Construction Quality

Did you know that a swimming pool actually makes a home less attractive to buyers? Maintenance is the primary reason. The same goes for other additions such as poor quality siding, or a tacky deck. If your fence consists of untreated wood that requires annual sealing, then that’s going to put buyers off.

Increase Property Value with a Fence

Is your home appealing to homebuyers? A fence can add to the curb appeal, but only if the fencing is of high quality and construction. Contact Allied Construction and see our gallery of past projects. We can increase property value with a fence that has universal appeal to homebuyers.

Residential Fence Installation

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