Take Advantage of These Fencing Trends for 2019

fencing trendsImproving curb appeal is a common New Year’s resolution. The fence is one of the most visible components for neighbors looking from the outside in. This is why you should consider the latest fencing trends for boosting the appeal of your property’s exterior.

1. Shorter Fences

In the past, more homeowners preferred taller fences for privacy reasons. However, privacy seems like less of an issue these days. This is not really a surprise given the age of social media. Today, more people are opting for shorter picket fences, usually no taller than three-feet.

2. Shelving

Homeowners are adding shelves to the interior-facing portion of the fence. This trend is actually a popular way of adding a decorative element to a chain link fence. More people, though, are doing the same with other fence types. They typically use the shelf space for storing a variety of garden plants and other decorative items.

3. Matching Deck

If you have a fence or deck but not both, then install the other with a matching surface texture. Since most decks have a wooden or wooden-looking surface, go for a fence with a similar appearance. Many vinyl fences these days mimic the look of natural wood but require only a fraction of maintenance.

4. Dark-Colored Fence

Fences normally come in either white or some shade of brown. You don’t have to limit yourself to these options. Some homeowners have requested black vinyl fencing. This is atypical and certainly not for everyone, bit it’s also an attention-grabber. This also provides a nice contrast if you have a light-colored siding or roofing.

We Keep Up with the Latest Fence Trends

Home improvement is a common New Year’s resolution, and Allied Construction helps Snohomish homeowners achieve the curb appeal they desire. Using one or more of the fencing trends you’ve just learned about will help you acquire an appearance for your property that is sure to turn heads.

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