Think Twice Before Growing Vines on a Fence

 grow vines fenceMore homeowners are electing to grow vines on their fences. Long and stringy plants wrapping around a picket fence produce natural beauty. However, allowing vines to accumulate on a wooden fence may actually damage the panels.

Why Growing Vines on Fences Is Detrimental

With the beauty of vines come hidden dangers. Vines grow the way they do in order to absorb as much sunlight as possible. Woody vines, such as trumpets and wisterias, are especially destructive. Vines also collect moisture, which ends up soaking into the wood’s surface. This creates an environment that invites rot and fungus if the wood is untreated. Moisture also attracts other problems, such as algae and boring insects.

In addition, vine roots can also grow in the spaces between wooden panels. As the roots expands, they can force separation between panels or even push them out of the ground altogether.

We recommend keeping invasive vines away from all wooden structures, including decks.

How to Prevent Vine Damage

This isn’t to say you can never grow vines on a fence. If you absolutely love the look of vines, then we suggest vinyl fencing. Vinyl is much more resistant to rot damage due to its non-porous surface. If you have a wooden fence, be sure to regularly seal it.

As for plant growth, we recommend using non-woody vines and growing them along support beams instead of on the slats. Fence-friendly vines include moonflowers and morning glories, which are airier and transmit less moisture. They may, however, still attract unwanted pests.

We Install Rot-Resistant Fences

Winter is a good time of year for a home renovation; it’s a nice way to begin the upcoming New Year. Contact Allied Construction for a consultation or see our gallery of work. Growing vines on a fence might be permissible, depending on fence type and quality.

Fence Installation and Repair

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