Designer Shingles for a Luxurious Home Look

designer shingles, luxury shinglesAt some point you may have to replace your roof. Treat this as an opportunity to aim for a new curb appeal. Nowadays, homeowners have so many options at their disposal. One style is designer shingles, or luxury shingles as some people refer to them.

What Are Designer Shingles?

In the early 2000s, manufacturers began creating multi-layered shingles. These were asphalt shingles with two or more materials bonded together. This gives the shingles a three-dimensional appearance. Common materials include asphalt and fiberglass.

In the years since, manufacturers have released various luxury designer shingle styles. Many styles replicate the appearance of wood, stone, or natural slate.

Designer Shingle Characteristics

Designer shingles aren’t all about aesthetics. They’re comparable in durability to most other roofing options. Due to their multi-bonded layers, they weigh more than the typical asphalt shingles but less than tile and slate. This gives designer shingles enough durability to withstand wind conditions up to 110 mph. Roofers actually recommend them for wind-prone regions.

In addition, a few variants also resist algae and mildew growth, while others are resistant to black streaking.

Manufacturers are confident enough of their shingles that most offer a lifetime warranty rather than the typical 20 to 30-year guarantee.

Designer Shingles Vs 3-Tab Shingles

Designer shingles and 3-tab shingles are NOT the same. The latter is uniform in appearance and does not have the dimensional effect when viewed from ground level. While 3-tabs are lighter and more affordable, designers have higher wind ratings. Both options, though, are actually quite popular among Snohomish residence owners.

We Install Designer Shingles

Luxury designer shingles make for a great remodel as part of a property overhaul that also includes deck and fence renovation. Contact Allied Construction for roof repairs, reroofing, and replacement. We can install designer shingles to bring about a whole new level of visual appeal.

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