Fixing a Stuck Gate: What to Do

fixing a stuck gateA fence’s gate is prone to damage due to the many hinges and small parts. After several years of smooth function, the gate may start to stick and become a pain to open and close. We’ll explain why this happens and how fixing a stuck gate is possible using a few basic tools.

What Causes a Gate to Stick?

Misalignment is the biggest cause of stuck gates. In a traditional wooden fence, individual posts can become loose. Wobbly posts adjacent to the gate can lead to tilting and sagging. Wood is also porous and prone to warping, causing hinges and latches to shift.

In metal gates, the pins connecting the gate to the posts may bend or corrode, causing stiffness.

The Solution

Fortunately, fixing a stuck gate is possible. You can experiment with a few simple and inexpensive DIY fixes if you’re accustomed to working with tools.

  • Check the hinges: Are the hinges loose or wobbly? You can find replacement parts at your local hardware store if you require new screws, pivot sets, etc.
  • Check the posts: if the posts are slanted or loose, connect the base of the post to a stake with a bolt. Drive the stake deep into the ground.
  • Check the gate frame: Is the gate’s frame perfectly square? If not, straighten it using a turnbuckle kit.
  • Use Varnish: This is more of a prevention than a repair method. Since warping is a common cause of a stuck gate, prevent moisture retention by sealing the wood with varnish.

If none of these methods work, or if you’re unsure how to apply them, leave the fixing to a repairman.

We Can Fix a Stuck Gate

We can service your fence much the same way we can inspect your roof or deck for integrity issues. Call Allied Construction if the gate is no longer opening and closing in smooth fashion. A stuck gate may be an indicator of a bigger problem with the posts.

Gate Repairs and Restoration

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