The Best Decking for an Outdoor Hot Tub

outdoor hot tub decking, jacuzzi deckingA jacuzzi makes for a wonderful outdoor addition. We especially recommend it for homeowners who frequently invite guests. A jacuzzi usually rests on top of a deck. The deck’s surface, therefore, needs to be able to withstand constant water exposure. We’ll discuss the best decking for an outdoor hot tub.

Why Is the Right Decking Material Important?

With a jacuzzi chemically treated water constantly splashes onto the surrounding deck. Is the decking material capable of withstanding prolonged exposure to chlorinated H2O? If the water lingers, the boards will prematurely warp and deteriorate.

Furthermore, jacuzzi water may also contain salt. When the water evaporates, the boards absorb the salt crystals, causing expansion in the wood fibers. The chlorine also wreaks havoc by breaking down the wood’s proteins and causing discoloration.

The Solution

Do you know if the decking manufacturer treated the wood with TLC wax? This is one of the best forms of protection against water. If not, you can treat the wood with marine-coating. Another option is upgrading to composite decking boards with a high-quality resin cap. This seals the surface and provides a barrier against moisture and chemicals. While not authentic wood, composite decking looks like real wood and comes in an assortment of grain textures.

We must emphasize, however, that not all composite decking comes in the same quality. The resin caps on cheaper grades are only on the top surface of the boards. This will not protect the boards if the moisture makes its way under or between the boards. Other resin caps may be so thin that they’re prone to scratches. Always ask your installer to verify the quality before beginning.

We Install Decking Around an Outdoor Hot tub

We only use the highest-quality composite material for both decks and fences. Visit our gallery to see how our composite decking looks indistinguishable from genuine wood. Contact Allied Construction to install or upgrade the decking for an outdoor hot tub.

Moisture-Resistant Composite Decking

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