The Benefits of a Chain Link Kennel for Pet Owners

chain link kennelWe routinely install chain link fences for Snohomish homes and facilities. However, those woven coated steel wires don’t necessarily have to function as fencing material. More homeowners with pets are requesting a chain link kennel. We’ll explain why this trend is rising.

Why Install a Chain Link Kennel?

Most homeowners believe their existing fence suffices for keeping their dog in the yard. However, you can benefit even more by installing a smaller kennel within your fenced in property. For one, larger-breed canines may easily be able to scale a shorter picket or veneer fence.

We especially recommend kennels for female dogs. Unneutered male dogs have been known to scale fences to mate with a female dog. Breeders may also find a kennel useful because it provides a safe space for the mother to care for her pups.

This also keeps your pet out of certain portions of the yard, such as the patio deck. Dog urine, after all, can cause serious staining on deck panels.

The Kennel also separates your dog from people who need to enter your yard, such as the mail carrier or other delivery agents.

Kennel Considerations

A chain link kennel can be more than just an enclosure. Other additions can enhance the structure’s functionality. For example, you can install an overhead covering to protect your pet from sun exposure. With summer here, dogs are just as susceptible to sun related stress as people.

While it will require some muscle power and multiple bodies, kennels are completely portable. Move from point A to point B as you see fit.

We Install Chain Link Kennels

Allied Construction isn’t in the business of pet care. However, a chain link kennel is essentially just a smaller version of a fence. See our gallery for some of our fencing styles. Aside from a chain link kennel, veneer or wooden picket kennels may also be possible.

Chain Link Kennels for Snohomish Properties

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