Roof Repair Estimates: How Accurate Are They?

roof repair estimatesWhether repairing a leaky pipe or the home’s foundation, don’t expect a 100% precise estimate. The final fee will usually be a bit more or less. With that in mind, how accurate are roof repair estimates? Can homeowners end up paying way over the given estimate?

Factors in a Roof Repair Estimate

At Allied Construction, we always do our best to provide as accurate an estimate as possible. Nevertheless, estimates are still just educated guesses at best. Unforeseen factors can drive up cost as well as lower it.

Here are some factors our roofers take into consideration:

  • Labor and material (the obvious ones)
  • Debris removal
  • Dumpster rental
  • Material transportation

More often than not, our estimates are quite close to the final cost. Huge deviations rarely occur; and these only happen when further inspections reveal greater damage than previously thought.

What to Expect from the Roofer

Be wary of roofers who provide estimates over the phone or spend minimal time on your roof. Does the roofer use a tape measure to measure square footage? Does he use geocoding software to obtain a measurement via aerial satellite? These are signs of a roofer that follows protocol and takes accuracy seriously.

A quality roofer should also give you a price range rather than a single fixed price. Let’s say, for instance, you’re replacing a 1,000-square-foot roof. The roofer should be able to provide multiple estimates, or a range, based on factors such as:

  • Type of material (e.g. type of shingles, underlayment, or insulation padding)
  • The addition of special features, such as soffit vents
  • The availability of materials at wholesale prices

We Provide Accurate Estimates

The above points also apply to fence and deck repairs/installations. Call Allied Construction today for a quote. Our roof repair estimates are almost always on the mark due to our stringent standard operating procedures.

Accurate Roof Repair Estimates for Snohomish Homes

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