Have You Considered a Curved Deck Design?

curved deckThe patio is the area for outdoor living. Adding a deck really adds to the vibe of an exterior living space. Conventional decks come in a boxy shape with pronounced corners. This is absolutely fine for most homeowners. However, a curved deck design is also available, and might be more appealing to some Snohomish residents.

The Prevalence of Curved Decks

In decades past, curved decks were a rarity; installation also came at an extra cost. Nowadays, though, they’re a lot more commonplace, thanks to the use of PVC and composite panels. Manufacturers can bend and shape these panels much more efficiently than with traditional pressure-treated wood.

Manufacturers heat PVC and composite panels, making them soft and bendable like noodles. This makes all sorts of forms possible, from oval to S-shaped decks.

Why Select a Curved Deck?

With curved decks, you have plenty of leeway for exploring different design schemes. For one, they nicely complement other rounded features, such as that grill, potted plants, patio ottoman, or outdoor stone fireplace.

In addition, a curved deck also provides a nice contrast to other elements of your property. Other components, from the fence to the home itself are typically rectangular in shape. A curved deck helps break that uniformity.

Finally, a curved deck is beneficial if you’re into decorating based on feng shui principles. Round and circular objects around the home stimulate the flow of energy that brings clarity to mind and spirit. Amplify this with plenty of complementary circular décor and furnishings.

We Install Curved Decks

Spring will be here soon. Spending more time in the patio is a great way to commemorate the season. Contact Allied Construction for a new deck installation. Visit our gallery to see some of our masterpiece decks. A curved deck will no doubt add flare and style to your property’s exterior.

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