Should You Invest in a New Fence or a Deck?

fence or deckWith 2018 comes a new start, and home renovations may be a part of the resolutions. A new fence or deck would certainly be nice additions. However, your budget may only allow for one or the other. In this case, should you choose a fence or a deck?

The Pros of a Fence

A fence certainly adds curb appeal that is easily visible for those looking from the outside in. A fence is also functional in that it provides a clear boundary. For pet owners, the structure keeps your pets from straying. The same goes if you have young children. If you want privacy from nosy neighbors or onlookers, you can install a full privacy fence.

You also have no shortage of options. This includes the timeless and good ol’ white picket fence. The traditional picket fence doesn’t even have to be white. You may also gravitate towards wrought iron or even a chain link fence. You can always decorate the latter to make it look less industrial.

The Pros of a Deck

You should consider a deck if you want to make greater use of your patio. If you plan on other additions like an outdoor firepit, then a deck adds the finishing touch. The whole outdoor area also becomes more presentable if you plan to invite guests for a social powwow.

A deck may also be more favorable if you enjoy gardening. More homeowners are using the deck space for incorporating raised garden beds. Read our September post for an in-depth piece about gardening on a deck.

We Install Both Fences and Decks

We do recommend taking care of structural issues first. If you have a roofing problem, for example, then definitely make that a priority. When you have made a decision, contact Allied Construction. We provide multiple options for both new fence and deck installations.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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