Can Christmas Decorations Damage Roofs?

Christmas decorations damage roofsSome homeowners really want to outdo their neighbors and make their home the star attraction during December. Surely, you have seen home holiday decorations that just make you say “holy moly.” However, we must warn that some Christmas decorations damage roofs. We’ll identify these decorations, so you know what to steer clear of.

Christmas Decorations That Damage Roofs

1. Chimney Decorations

One popular decoration is a pair of Santa legs sticking out of the chimney. Sure, this is a cute look, but it’s a safety hazard. Anything directly above the chimney can catch fire if it makes contact with a stray ember.

2. Inflatable Decorations

Homeowners like inflatable decorations because they are an instant attention-grabber, even from a distance. However, these are usually stapled to the roof. High winds can blow the inflatables away, tearing away the shingles in the process.

3. Staples

We just mentioned staples. Do NOT staple anything to the roof. Staples puncture the shingles, allowing moisture to seep in. This eventually leads to mold growth and decreased insulation. Instead, use plastic clips or bungee cords. Fortunately staples won’t work for metal or ceramic tile roofs.

Use Your Lawn Instead

Those giant inflatables look just as good on the lawn. Also consider areas like your fence or deck, which provide plenty of space for creative décor. The deck is actually a nice spot for a Christmas tree. Who says you need to keep the Christmas tree indoors? The fence is an ideal spot for décor items like wreaths, ribbons, and gold jingle bells.

Protect Your Roof This Holiday

The Snohomish area is known for high winds in late fall/early winter. Contact Allied Construction to ensure the roof is sturdy enough to withstand rough weather. Regardless of the condition, avoid Christmas decorations that can damage the roof.

Pre-Holiday Roof Inspections

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