How to Grow a Vegetable Garden on a Deck

vegetable garden on a deckYour wooden deck can encompass more than just patio furniture and a grill. More Snohomish homeowners are using the area as a makeshift garden space. Locating a vegetable garden on a deck is a great way to grow your own organic produce, while adding some greenery to your outdoor living space.

Why a Vegetable Garden on a Deck?

Locating a vegetable garden on a deck means you’ll need a raised bed or container. This is actually quite beneficial. For starters, soil in a container or pot warms more quickly in the spring than ground soil. This allows growers to plant vegetables, such as tomatoes or peppers, earlier in the season.

In addition, you can move potted plants around more easily. Relocating them in and out of the shade helps prevent sunburn. Finally, folks with limited mobility can more easily manage a garden on a raised bed or elevated container.

Tips for a Garden on a Deck

The Pacific Northwest’s climate is ideal for growing beans and snow peas. If your deck has limited space, consider crops that consume minimal space, such as carrots, beets, and scallions. You can also preserve space by suspending pots from the roof overhang.

You can also save space by adopting companion planting methods. Certain veggies grow more vibrantly when planted side-by-side with another vegetable. Examples of vegetable paring include:

  • Tomatoes and cabbage
  • Beans and corn
  • Spinach and radishes

Companion planting also works between vegetables and flowers. Marigolds, for instance, pair well with melons, and potatoes pair nicely with sweet alyssum.

First, Beautify Your Deck

Be sure your deck is in good shape before starting a garden. Aside from deck building, Allied Construction also restores existing decks. You can visit our gallery to see some of our masterpieces. Growing a vegetable garden on a deck is one way to bring nature closer to your home.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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