What Does Your Fence Say About Your Personality?

fence personalityA property fence reveals a lot about your personal taste and style. Unbeknownst to most homeowners, it also reveals much about their general demeanor. How does your fence correlate to your personality? The fence sitting on your yard or the one you’re contemplating installing may shed some light regarding whether you have an A-type or B-type personality.

Picket Fence

The traditional picket fence, also known as the classic charmer, is an old-time staple in home renovations. Picket fences especially go great with a wooden deck if you want to place a lot of emphasis on outdoor living. This common fence type says that you’re outgoing and friendly. This is especially the case if the fence is accompanied by custom latticework. People of this category may also be more inclined to go with high-end décor, such as sculpted posts or a sculptured gate.

Privacy Fence

A high, full privacy fence says that you are, well, a private person. This also means you lean towards an introverted personality and prefer to keep to yourself. In no way does this mean you’re unfriendly or anything of that nature. It just means you prefer peace and solitude.

Tall Fence

A fence that is tall but with little in the way of vertical posting (e.g. wrought iron fence and some types of semi-private fences) says that you are extroverted and enjoy encountering your neighbor. You’re the type that the entire neighborhood block recognizes by face and name. You can’t help but wave when catching your neighbor mowing the lawn or retrieving the mail.

We’ll Erect a Fence that Fits Your Personality

Call Allied Construction to erect a new fence or refinish an existing one. Our gallery showcases some of our past projects for Snohomish residents. A new fence says a lot about your personality type and general taste for home renovation.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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