Is Metal Roof Noise Really Loud?

Metal Roof NoiseMany homeowners are aware of the durability and longevity of metal roofs. However, a common concern is that the metal makes a loud racket especially during heavy rain. Supposedly, all that pinging and clanking can lead to sleepless nights, or drown out the television. Is there any truth to this? Is metal roofing noise really louder than other roofing types?

How Loud Is a Metal Roof?

Rain, hail, branches, acorns, and other material falling on metal does create an audible noise. However, it does not lead to a hair-pulling level of volume that some people believe. Metal roofs are no louder than traditional shingle roofing.

It’s true that thin metal sheets are known for causing a loud reverberation when struck by an object. Modern metal roofing, though, makes up so much more than just the panels. The insulation also doubles as a sound barrier. New metal shingles are also made using a deep-textured fold design, which dulls out the pinging noise metal is known for. The airspace between the roof and attic also helps mask a lot of the noise pollution from outside.

A study by The Acoustic Group at the University of Lulea, Sweden, revealed that the noise emitted from rainfall to metal was only six decibels louder than rainfall to shingle. Humans can only register noise differential of eight decibels or more.

Other Metal Roofing Myths

We thought we should also debunk a few other myths regarding metal roofs. Contrary to popular belief, metal panels do not attract lightning in a thunderstorm. They also do not inhibit mobile phone reception.

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