5 Pathways to a Damaged Deck

damaged deck

Beware, homeowners! You could have a damaged deck without even realizing it. Simple item placement, or actions done around the deck can actually damage the surface. We’ll identify five points that could cause unsightly scratches or staining on a wood or composite deck.

1. Rusty Furniture

Simply leaving patio furniture out is enough to produce a damaged deck. How so? Furniture with metal or cast iron legs can rust. Rust residue can end up on the deck floor and leave behind a stain. This can be easily avoided by placing felt pads on the furniture feet. You can remove existing rust stains with sandpaper on a wooden deck and toilet bowl cleaner on a composite deck.

2. Leaves

Don’t let leaves and other organic debris pile up on the deck. Leaves can also cause stains. Even worse, too many leaves can prevent the moisture on the deck from evaporating, thus inviting mold growth.

3. Power Washing

We don’t recommend using any power washers. Using too much pressure or spraying too close to the surface can cause scratches and splintering.

4. Shoveling

Some homeowners use a shovel to remove snow or large mounds of leaves. The metal can scratch the surface. You should also avoid using a rake for the same reason. Instead, use a plastic shovel or a broom.

5. Bleach Cleaner

Never use any cleaners containing bleach! It is very corrosive and causes discoloration. Look for a natural cleaner with a non-toxic ingredient, such as sodium percarbonate. Avoid sodium hypochlorite; anything with this ingredient contains bleach.

We Can Restore a Ruined Deck

Allied Construction can restore deck and fence panels damaged by natural and manmade elements. Our gallery of work reveals the types of installations and refinishing work we do. There is no deck damaged so badly that we cannot restore or replace.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

Restoration for Damaged Wooden and Composite Decks

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