How to Prevent Your Dog from Escaping the Fence

dog escaping the fenceA property fence is especially great for households with pets. This allows you to let your furry family member out of the house while keeping it confined to the property. However, canines can be quite clever escape artists. Luckily, we know of a few fortification measures to prevent your dog from escaping the fence.

1. Minimize Footholds

Footholds are any portions of a fence that your dog may use as a step so it can climb over. In a chain link fence, for example, the woven patterns create the perfect foothold. In a traditional wooden fence, horizontal rails become makeshift footing for crafty canines.

2. Minimize Large Fence Décor

Fences look less like a barrier when they have décor like potted plants, shrubs, stone decorations, etc. However, these may also serve as launch pads for a dog. Keep all décor elements low on the ground and limit them to flowers and ground-covering plants.

3. Minimize the Space Beneath

Larger dogs may scale a fence, whereas smaller and teacup breeds may escape by squeezing under. Spaces underneath the fence panel may increase over time due to shifting soil. Minimize the space and prevent your dog from digging an escape hole by hardscaping the floor beneath the fence. You can also set a few unused deck panels in this spot to dig-proof the area.

4. Use a More Secure Latch

Dogs have been known to open gates by tinkering with a loose latch. If you can get the latch open by merely flicking at it with a finger, then your dog can do the same with its paw. Also, a gate latch can become loose over time and should be replaced.

We’ll Install a Fence No Dog Can Escape

Contact Allied Construction to install a fence or to restore a current one. We’re not dog whisperers, but we know how to erect a sturdy fence that keeps your four-legged friend in. Check out our gallery to see some of the fences from which no dog can escape.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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