What to Know About Roof Membrane Shrinkage

Roof Membrane ShrinkageYour roof should be inspected periodically. The roof, though, comprises of more than just the shingles, tiles, or metal sheets. Most homeowners are unaware that there is also an all-important sheet known as the membrane that lies beneath the roof. Roof membrane shrinkage is a common problem and can affect the home’s insulation and lead to problems like leaks and mold.

What Causes a Roof Membrane to Shrink?

Oil additives are often used during the roof membrane installation. Exposure to heat and cold can cause the oil to evaporate or harden. This causes the membrane to lose its flexibility and shrink. For larger homes and businesses, a membrane shrinkage of even 1% or 2% can result in a reduction size of up to several feet.

As the membrane shrinks, it can begin to pull away from the flashing, thus creating openings for leaks. Membrane shrinkage can also cause visible damage to the roof surface. This includes cracks, crazing, splitting, and ridging of shingles.

In some instances, shrinkage can also damage wall masonry. As the membrane shrinks, it may yank and pull at the wood blocking and gravel stop it’s attached to. The wood block is often attached to the masonry, thus causing some of the brick or stonework to get ripped away as the wood block is pulled by the shrinking membrane.

We’ll Inspect your Roof Membrane

Let Allied Construction inspect your roof. Maintenance of the roof and membrane should be done at least once a year. For re-roofing projects, we can also redo the membrane altogether. This includes using more durable material like PVC. You can schedule a roof inspection as part of a bigger renovation that also includes other areas of the home like the deck and fence. A shrinking roof membrane can cause serious problems, so don’t let it go unnoticed, call Allied Construction today for expert Eastside roofing.
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Roof Membrane Inspection and Reinstallation

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