Mediterranean-Themed Deck for the Summer

allied-construction-6A Mediterranean-themed deck is perfect for the summer. Now is a better time than ever to spruce up your outdoor areas. This is, after all, the season when the deck is most often put to use. Adorn the outdoor living space with fresh décor to give it new life and ambiance.

Add Greenery and an Herb Garden

Line the perimeter of the deck with plant life. Mediterranean plants include a number of evergreen aromatic herbs, such as thyme, sage, lavender, and rosemary. Potted lemon trees and staked tomato plants are great options as well. These plants can also be placed along the perimeter of a wooden or wrought iron fence if you want to extend the look beyond the deck. Plants can also be hung from the overhang of the roof.

Incorporate a Water Feature

Water features are common in Mediterranean designs. It’s only natural then that you include a fountain of sorts. Fountains make a great focal point, and a small model can be placed in the deck center or in the corner. Fountains with sculptures of people, vases, or an animal’s head work really well here.

Add a Lot of Glass Features

Incorporate colored glass wherever possible. If you are expecting guests, then set the table with cobalt blue, red, or green glassware. A glass fruit bowl made from Murano glass makes a great table center piece.

Don’t Forget the Lighting

Even if you don’t use the deck in the evening, it’s still a good idea to set up lighting fixtures for the décor aspect of it. Consider stained glass lanterns and any fixture containing wrought iron. On the subject of lighting, candle holders with the aforementioned features are also suitable options.

Let Us Help with Your Mediterranean-Themed Deck

Even the most lavish designs won’t fix with appearance of the deck that’s visibly worn. Let Allied Construction renovate the area before getting started on a Mediterranean-themed deck.
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