Spring Decoration Ideas for the Deck

allied-3-2016To change things up, the deck should be renovated to suit the time of year. With the arrival of spring comes an opportunity to spruce up the deck in season-specific decorations. Follow these spring deck decoration tips to give the outdoor living space a fresh appearance.

Add an Outdoor Rug

Hardly anyone ever thinks about a rug for the outdoors. Rugs are stylish and protect the wooden deck from foot traffic. Most outdoor rugs are made from all-weather fiber, similar to the material of your typical door mat.

Incorporate Head-High Plants

Spring means lush plants, so adorn your deck with a lot of greens. Add tall plants along the borders of the deck for increased privacy. Some good choices include Solomon’s Seals, spotted joe-pye weed, dracaenas, and scheffleras.

Add a Fire Bowl

Fire bowls make great addition to any deck or patio table, especially if you like sitting around a personal fire. Make your own using a terra-cotta bowl filled to the brim with tumbled recycled glass and clean burning gel alcohol.

Hang Paper Lanterns

Spring calls for bright colors. Hang paper lanterns that encompass every color of the rainbow. Fabric streamers are another option to hang from a pergola, fence, or roof overhang.

Add the Sound of Water

The addition of a freestanding fountain with a recirculating pump provides the soothing background noise of a running stream. It’s therapeutic for the ears and adds to the serene vibe.

Hang a Birdhouse

Invite nature’s creatures to your deck with a birdhouse. The presence of nesting birds adds a more natural ambiance to the scene.

Bring Your Deck Up to Par

Even new decorations won’t improve appearance much if the deck itself is visibly worn. Contact Allied Construction to have the deck remodeled. This way, spring decorations for the deck will more effectively complement the outdoor living area as a whole.
Edited by Justin Vorhees

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