Achieve a Rustic Appearance with Barn Tin Roofing

allied-3Not all homeowners are interested in the slick and shiny appearance of a new metal roof. Sure, they want the quality associated with metal roof slats. However, they also want the surface to reflect the rustic and aged look of the rest of the exterior. This is where barn tin roofing enters the picture. It provides a rustic finish with the durability of new metal roofing.

What is Old Barn Tin?

Old barn tin is the informal name given to a type of roofing material made from zinc-coated steel. The surface basically consists of bare zinc alloy on the weathering side. After being given some time to age, it eventually takes on a brownish color that resembles rust. The hue is much darker than your conventional galvanized steel and looks like its decades old even when newly installed.

Old Barn Tin vs. Solid Zinc or Copper Roofing

For the record, solid zinc and copper roofing also provide a similar appearance. Some homeowners, though, feel that barn tin just has a distinct look that is more consistent with how an aged roof actually appears. The price tends to be lower than copper roofing as well.

Barn Tin Roof Quality

Remember, barn tin is actually made from galvanized steel. It’s easy to think that barn tin is of poor quality due to its name. However, this is far from the truth. Modern barn tin, like most metal roof slats, are coated with anti-corrosion primer to prevent rust. The same coating also helps the paint maintain its quality.

Grace Your Roof with an Aged Appearance

Why not complement the rustic appearance even further with a rustic wooden fence and deck to match? Allied Construction can give your property the appearance of a home that stands gracefully for generations. Barn tin roofing isn’t for every home, but its appearance provides that distressed look that some Eastside homeowners absolutely love.

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