Why Installing a Shadow Box Fence Is the Neighborly Thing to Do

Allied ConstructionIf you’re contemplating about putting up a fence, you’ve got an assortment of options. Fence options range from the commonplace white-picket fence to Victorian-style wrought iron. Considering that Snohomish and surrounding areas are known for super-friendly neighborhoods, you might want to consider what is sometimes termed as a “good neighbor” fence. These are more formally known as shadow box fences.

What is a Shadow Box Fence?

A shadow box fence is like a traditional picket fence, except that posts are placed on both sides of the rails. Basically, every other vertical slate is attached to opposite sides of the horizontal structure.

By building a fence in this manner, you allow enough air to pass through between posts while attaining a good deal of privacy. It’s not completely private, though, as people from the outside can still get a glimpse of your yard if they look up close at an angle.

Shadow boxes are recommended if part of the fence is going to divide the boundaries between you and your neighbor’s property. The placement of slats on both sides of the rail provides aesthetic value from the neighbor’s vantage point, hence the moniker “good neighbor” fence.

Should I Choose Wood or Vinyl Fencing?

Wood is the common choice for shadow box fences. Vinyl, though, is also suitable. More homeowners are choosing vinyl due to its low maintenance needs and strong resistance to warping and rotting. At Allied Construction, we provide both wood and vinyl fencing; with the former, we use treated wood to extend life expectancy and reduce homeowner maintenance.

From roofing to decking, we are Shohomish’s go-to service for most exterior home renovations. Let us build a shadow box fence, so you can show the people next door what a considerate and awesome neighbor you are.
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