Top 3 Materials for Deck or Patio Furniture

deck furnitureOkay, so you have a beautiful patio with an equally beautiful deck. What about the furniture? The outdoor living space just isn’t complete without patio furniture. With outdoor furniture, it’s even more important that you pay attention to material. It really comes down to what look you’re aiming for and how much care you’re willing to put into the furniture.

Wood Deck Furniture

Wood has raw and unmatched beauty. Wooden furniture also complements nicely with your wood deck. Unfortunately, the material is also prone to the elements. Seattle can get quite humid, and all that moisture can cause warping and discoloration if the wood isn’t regularly stained and treated. If you opt for wooden furniture, then go for hardwood, such as oak, birch, or teak, which is more weather resistant.

Plastic Patio Set

Plastic furniture is inexpensive and lightweight, which makes it easy to move into the garage when not in use. This virtually eliminates any maintenance on your end other than routine cleaning. Of course, with plastic, you get what you pay for. Plastic isn’t the most sturdy material out there, and they tend to look cheap and flimsy.

Cast Aluminum

Cast aluminum resembles wrought iron but has the added advantage of being rust resistant. Aluminum also doesn’t conduct heat the way metal or iron does, so it remains fairly cool even amid scorching heat. This type of furniture is on the pricier end of the scale, though.

Fall Is the Season of Home Makeovers

It’s the perfect time to spend more hours on your deck now that fall is in full swing and the temperature is finally down a bit. Fall is also the perfect time of year for renovations in other areas, such as installing a metal roof (in time for the stormy season), or adorning your property with a picket fence. Adding Deck furniture is just one of many areas of home improvement. If you need a new custom deck built for your home, call Allied Construction at (425) 276-7415 or visit our website to request a quote.

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