Don’t Let Your Gutters Clog – Get a Gutter Guard

Allied ConstructionYour gutters protect your roof and foundation by preventing water runoff from collecting and causing damage. The gutter system, in turn, needs to be protected from the buildup of debris. Otherwise, it won’t be able to perform its job, and the water will linger on the rooftop and cause mold, attic leaks, and other problems. Water runoff can also flow over clogged gutters and pool up by your foundation, flooding your crawl space and wreaking havoc over time. A gutter guard is a simple and inexpensive item that your local roofing service can install to prevent the buildup of debris.

Types of Gutter Guards

Mesh – These are guards with small holes that let the water in but keep most solid objects out.

Bottle brush – Bottle brush guards are similar to pokey spikes you place on a rooftop to prevent pigeons from roosting. The bristle-like material catches objects like leaves while allowing water to seamlessly flow into the downspout.

Nylon – Nylon guards have a foam-like property that allows water to penetrate while keeping most other stuff out. Nylon is great for preventing ice and snow accumulation.

Reverse Curve – This is a barrier placed over the gutters with a downward curve that allows water to drip into the gutters while letting most solid objects fall to the ground.

Gutter Guards Do NOT Equal a Maintenance-Free Gutter

Gutter guards keep most objects out. This doesn’t mean, however, that your gutter never has to be inspected ever again. Seattle has tons of pine trees. Pine trees drop pine needles, and pine needles are small enough to find their way into the gutter even with a guard in place. Other objects like gravel and tiny leaf stems may also make their way inside the gutter.

Leave it to us to perform periodic inspections and clean your gutter and gutter guard. We provide a comprehensive service that also includes deck and fence repair/installation. We can attest from experience that while a gutter guard is helpful, it’s not a substitute for professional maintenance.

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Edited by Justin Vorhees